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The BSS sector in Poland an in the Tricity

The sector of modern business services came to Poland over a decade ago, locating its capital mainly in large centers, such as Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw and Gdansk (the Tricity agglomeration). Today they are leading European, and even World’s leading BSS centers. International investors from the BSS sector have quite fast recognized the fact, that locating the business service centers in Poland was a hit. Nowadays, it can be said that modern services for business are the fastest developing segment of Polish economy.

The key arguments for choosing a given location are:

  • High level of education in a given region

  • Proximity of important academic centers

  • A wide offer of office space

  • Well-managed policy of local governments

  • Cooperation on the business – learning line

  • Good communication (proximity of an airport, highways)

Recent years have been characterized by an extremely dynamic – two-figure – growth of the modern business service sector (the business services sector, BSS) in Poland. The intensive development, but also the gradually cumulated experience have caused out country to be perceived as a mature BSS location. This maturity is reflected by both the growing number of various types of centers operating in our country as well as the increasing employment.

Poland has a very significant competitive advantage, in relation to other countries, which we compete for service projects with – a multitude of potential locations able to host BSS investments. Our country has a many as 39 cities with population exceeding 100 thousand inhabitants. It is true, that, so far, activity of BSS companies mainly has been concentrated in few of the largest Polish agglomerations, with such leading cities as Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw and the Tricity.



Total employment in service centers, including the 177 thousand persons in foreign centers and the 35 thousand persons in Polish centers.



In foreign centers, in the past year (April 2015 – April 2016) – higher than in previous years.



Employment in the sector, as forecasted by ABSL for the year 2020.

Why the Tricity?

According to the studies carried out at the end of 2016, the Tricity, for many persons, is second in the ranking of the directions for changing jobs and residence.

A rich history, beautiful architecture, unique atmosphere, combining the advantages and the possibilities of a large city with the cosiness of a small one, and perhaps, most importantly – friendly people. These are the common denominators of why people most commonly indicate Wroclaw and the Tricity as preferred relocation directions. Antal study show that these cities are more attractive than Warsaw.

Source: Report: Rynek pracy i relokacji w Polsce (Employment and relocation market in Poland), ANTAL study, 2016.

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